Born On The Fourth Of July
Directed by: Oliver Stone.
Written by: Ron Kovic, Oliver Stone.
Actors: Tom Cruise, Kyra Sedgwick, Raymond J Barry, Willem Dafoe, Jerry Levine, Frank Whaley, Caroline Kava.
Released: 1998.
MPAA Rating: R.
Length: 144 min.
Drama, War.

Brief outline (of the whole plot):
Ron Kovic is a young patriotic man, he decides to volunteer in the Marines. He gets sent to Vietnam where he has to fight a dirty war. He gets shot and ends up paralyzed from the mid chest and down. His return to the American society gets difficult where he gets no credit for his efforts in the war, and where he later joins the anti-war campaigns.

Personal opinions
This is the second movie from Oliver Stone about the Vietnam war, (1: Platton, 3: Heaven and Earth).

The whole movie is a long depressing story about what happens to Ron. Aside from the part that he wants to do something for his country, Ron has a quest to try to stand out. From his youth where he tries to be the best in sports, he seeks the military, inspired by the recruiters inspiring lecture on the Marine Corps seeking the best. When he gets paralyzed and comes home he does not get any recognition for his sacrifice in Vietnam. In the end it seems he gets the attention and recognition he has tried to get his whole life when he is to appear on TV.

The movie is sort of a personal journey for Ron, where he starts out as a young man who perhaps believe too much in the propaganda by the government, to going to the complete opposite side hating the government and the war and where he feels that he has destroyed his life for no reason.

The sacrifice for Ron by going to Vietnam is immense: his body, his entire life gets affected and any possibilities of having a normal happy life.

It sets the focus on the bad treatment of military veterans, after the military has no use for them.

Perhaps the movie tries to bite over too much.

Bottom Line
It is a political movie, it is a depressing move - it will not cheer you up.
Rating: 7/10 (where 10 is the best).