Directed by: Paul Haggis.
Written by: Paul Haggis.
Actors: Sandra Bullock, Don Cheadle, Matt Dillon, Jennifer Esposito.
Released: 2004.
MPAA Rating: R.
Length: 113 min.

Brief outline (no spoilers):
Several stories interconnect during two days in L.A. We have some police officers that are semi-racist, one new police recruit that tries to stand up to the older police officers involves conflicts. One of the older police detective struggles with a drugged out mother and a brother that is a thug and thieves. A black Hollywood director and his wife come across these racists cops. There is a Persian-immigrant family that owns a shop, and the father buys a gun to protect his shop from crime.

Personal opinions
It shows a very segregated society, with a lot of suspicion of the other people. It tries to show how people from different parts of society live and mix, the whites and the blacks, the rich and the poor.

This movie is not going to get much positive feedback. It lacks some of the basic drive you need in a movie. I think that a movie should be going somewhere and that there should be some kind of clear point in the end. This movie is just a big mess of episodes in these people lives. I considered to stop watching the movie, but since I was going to write this I had to see if there was some profound ending, which there was not.

It has some fun parts, for example one of the black thugs as a very critical view on life and white people. He is funny because he exaggerates so much.

It puts all these issues on the agenda, which is probably good.

As said it lacks that bit of point of the movie, and that feeling of a mess.

Bottom Line
It is your movie if you like to see a lot of fragmented episodes of people struggeling in L.A. I tought it was a bit bad.
Rating: 4/10 (where 10 is the best).