Terminator 3 - Rise of the machines
Directed by: Jonathan Mostow.
Written by: James Cameron (characters), Gale Anne Hurd (characters), John D. Brancato (story,screenplay) , Michael Ferris (story, screenplay), Tedi Sarafian (story).
Actors: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Nick Stahl, Claire Danes, Kristanna Loken.
Released: 2003.
MPAA Rating: R.
Length: 109 min.
Action, Sci-Fi.

Brief outline (no spoilers):
It is now 10 years since the previous episode in Terminator 2. John Conor (Stahl) is living off the grid so that it is impossible to track him down. This time a new robot model, the T-X (Loken) is sent back in time to kill all the lieutenants of the resistance. One of the persons the T-X is looking for is Kate Brewster (Danes). A new T-101 (Schwarzenegger) is sent back to protect her. At the same time Conor stumbles across Brewster at the veterinary she is running. The group of Conor, Brewster and T-101 has to try to escape from the T-X and on the same time try to stop Skynet and the coming judgment day.

Personal opinions
Terminator 3 is the an action sci-fi movie, but it is also very funny. It is believed that it is deliberately made funny. Terminator 2 is much more dark and scary, this movie is almost funny. But it is all good and light entertainment wrapped in a fear of the future and technology.

It is more visual stunning than the previous Terminator movies, and that has been the hall mark of these movies to be on the edge of what is possible in computer graphics.

The Terminator movies are what made Schwarzenegger a star, and he is brilliant in this movie too. It is the one type of movie his accent does not sound strange since he is playing a robot. It is also amazing the he managed to get his muscles back in shape. Considering it is a long time since the first Terminator movie came out.

It is also a streak of marketing genius two make a sexy female robot. This is the dream of every technology nerd out there; both deadly and extremely attractive.

It could be a bad thing that they went with the fun destruction movie, instead of making it truly scary. That said it is difficult to make another Terminator after two successful movies and over such a long period of time.

Logical error:
When the T-101 (Arnold) is trying to start the car outside the stripper club, he uses the trick of getting the keys from the sun screen in the car. This makes no sense since the T-101 in Terminator 2 that was thought this trick by John Conor got melted in the end of Terminator 2. The T-101 in Terminator 3 is a new robot that has not been thought the same things as the robot in Terminator 2. I wonder what all those people that have been credited in writing as have been doing.

Bottom Line
It is very entertaining, and if you have been a fan of the previous ones it is a must see. It also leaves enough open threads, making it possible for a Terminator 4, but since Arnold is into politics now it will probably difficult to get him to play in another movie and God forbid they should make a Terminator movie without Arnold.
Rating: 8/10 (where 10 is the best).